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Protecting Backup of old machine

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We use Symantec System Recovery Management Solution 2013 R2 and I was wondering what would happen in the case of replacing a client machine that is being backed up.

A user has had their hardware upgraded, ie. they have received a brand new machine but we will give it the same name/IP address as the old one. Does this mean the next time a full backup occurs we lose the backup taken of the old machine of the same name?

Is there a way to prevent the backup from being overwritten?

Apologies if this has been asked before, many thanks in advance for any assistance provided.


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I've never tried this so I am not 100% sure.

However, why not just move the existing recovery points (for the old machine) to a sub-folder to ensure that they don't get overwritten?

The backup policy will get assigned to the new machine, and even though it will have same hostname/IP, I don't think it will overwrite what is there - it should start with recovery point set 01 and leave what is already there in the backup destination folder. However, moving the existing recovery points is a simple solution to ensure that you don't lose that data.