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Q: Where i can Download the SBESR 8.5 Package?


We have a SSR 2011 Virtual Edition.
Now i deploy the SSR on all Guestmashines. One Mashine is a Windows Server 2000. During the Installation i get the Message, that i must install a SBESR Version 8.5 while the System is a 2000 Windows Server.

Where can i get the download Source of this?
Can i Activate with my SSR2011 Keys?


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I believe you can use SSR

I believe you can use SSR 2011 license keys with BESR 2010 but I'm not sure about 8.5

You may be able to download 8.5 from FileConnect:

If that does not work, you should contact Technical Support or customer care to see if they can help you.

Thanks, SBESR 8.5 are in


SBESR 8.5 are in fileconect listed as downloadable , but with my Produkt number can i only Download the 2011 Version.

I have create a call.


Activation keys for SSR 2011

Activation keys for SSR 2011 will not work on BESR 8.5.

Please contact the Enterprise Customer Care Team to request a downgrade of your license at 1-800-721-3934, option 2

No Downgrade key with Virtual edition

I get The Dowloadlocation from Support Team.

But i Dont get a Downgrade Key for BESR 8.5.

It is not possible to get a downgrade key for the Virtual Edition. There is only one key for all the virtual guest.
A downgrade key for a single host machine will not be issued. Bad for someone who still has a Windows 2000 guest.