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Recommended NAS devices for use with Symantec System recovery 2013

Can anyone recommend a NAS device (make or brand) that is compatible with this piece of software?

Currently I back up 2 x client PCs Win 7 64 bit, to external drives but as belt and braces, I'd like to  add both backups from the machines to a NAS device.


Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks. McP

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...I know there is an HCL for

...I know there is an HCL for BE and NBU, and an SCL for BE, NBU and SSR...but if i remember correctly, there isn;t an HCL for SSR.

You might want to see what NAS is supported by BE itself and consider using this for SSR.

Just check the BE 2014 HCL to confirm.



...confirmed here:

Point it seems as if any NAS is suitable.


Not sure if you got the

Not sure if you got the answer you were looking for.  I have been using a Lenovo Iomego ix4-300d for about 2 yrs with no issues.

The specifications of this unit and the other variuos models can be seen here: