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Recovery Points Not Available

I have had SSR 2011 running for well over a year, backing up to a drobo which is on line all the time, as well as several Buffalo NAS drives which are rotateded daily.  This has been working fine until yesterday, when i received a notice that the drobo did not have enough space.  When i came in and checked, drobo had about 4TB of free space, which was plenty of space to backup.  Checking SSR, it is indicating that all Recovery Points are Unavailable.  However, if i go to the Manage Backup destination, i can delete one, even though it indicates that it is unavailable. 

Can anyone assist.


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Re: Recovery Points Not Available

Can you actually browse the path in Windows and in SSR (in SSR, just create a new backup and add the path to the NAS - you don't have to complete the backup wizard...)?

Restarting the System Recovery service may help.

Re: Recovery Points Not Available

Chris, thank you for the response.  I was able to browse the path in windows and in SSR, then restarted the services.  This did not resolve the issue, so a short time ago, i restarted the server and after about 45 minutes, SSR was able to see the recovery points - not sure why it took so long, but it seems to be fixed for now.