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Regarding License information for Symantec System Recovery 2011

Dear All,

My organization is planning to deploy "Symantec System Recovery 2011" for image backup solution in the environment having Window server 2008 R2 and Linux servers on Blade servers, P-series AIX and X- series server and IBM SAN Storage IBM EXN4000 total server around 26. For your information there is no virtualization deployed in this environment.

I need your advise how can I get the number of license to cover all my servers(Windows 2k8 - 64 bit & Linux ) and I would like to appreciate if anybody can assit me to understand about the "Bundle/Band concept" for the license.






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You can contect to Symantec License team for better understanding.


How to engage Symantec Licensing for help with product licensing issues.



    • Call 1-888-727-8671 to open a new customer care licensing request.



You will need x number of SSR

You will need x number of SSR Windows Server Edition licenses & x number of SSR Linux Edition licenses.


Thanks for your information and I will try to contact them and let you know for any help needed.



How to know our license is

How to know our license is for server or desktop edition? it is telling as only Symantec System recovery 2011?

Check with the licensing

Check with the licensing team. They can confirm this for you.