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Removing System Recovery 2013

I just picked up a new client that is running Symantec System Recovery 2013.  We un-installed the application and file servers with no issues, but the un-install toasted the SBS 2011 server.  What is the best way to remove the out dated software?

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Re: Removing System Recovery 2013

What exactly do you mean by 'toasted the server'?

Re: Removing System Recovery 2013

After the un-install was completed and the server rebooted, there were massive .net errors and most of the Exchange services would not start. Microsoft spent 4 hours trying to determine what went wrong. They were stumped and wanted to kick it up to a higher tier, but that would not happen until the following Monday. The business owner did not want to lose that much production time and we restore from the backup made just prior to the un-instalation.

Re: Removing System Recovery 2013

Well, just tried it again.  Same results.  MMC can't load modules.  Most Exchange services will not start.

This attempt was done with all Exchange services turned off.

Any sugestions?

Re: Removing System Recovery 2013

I would recommend you open a support case so this can be investigated.