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Reparing SSR 2013 R2

Level 4


Recently I found a reparing process in SSR, which is not proposed in the users'book ! Last two years, with Windows 8.1, I was suffering many troubles with the SSR Agent (if the computer remains unused during two weeks or if you change a hard disk which arrives out of order). SSR says something like: "Connexion failed ..."; "Can't spread out the agent ..."; "Incorrect user's name or user's password". Recently I am on the point to throw SSR to the garbage can, but as an ultimate effort I decide to reinstall the same SSR version on the preceeding (without deleting the existing version). Of course a comment arrives: "You can't install two exemplaries of SSR ...". OK; The interesting fact arrives after a while: a window with two items; -1- repair SSR - Menu2- reinstall SSR. I select "Repair ..." .The repairing process takes place with the usual two progression bars and SSR is launched successfully with my personnal configuration ! Conclusion: 1- very likely in some cases the SSR agent is desactivated. Unfortunately SSR don't give any valid way to reactivate it. You have to consult the user's notice to find how to reactivate it in the Windows Services Menu. 2- I was not aware of the existence of any repairing process in SSR !

How to find the Windows Service Menu with Windows 8.1: under MUI type anywhere "Services" and click on Services. On the list which arrives select, near the bottom "Symantec System Recovery". At the upper left corner it appears a SSR service description, and two items: Activate, Desactivate. Good luck ! MR:-)