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Replaying Exchange 2003 Logs with BESR 8.5

I'm recovering an Exchange 2003 private data store and having problems replaying log files. Microsoft tech support were helping with the case but looks like we stuck. Here is the problem. Full VSS backup of Exchange server was made on 19 August, incremental on 20th and server crashed on 21st. I can recover full back and eseutil /mh show the database in dirty shutdown. the try to replay log files for 20th using eseutil /r and it fails complating about timestamp mismatch. Microsoft are saying there should be an option in BESR to raplay exchange logs correctly from incremental backups but I can't find anything. I also couldn't find any posts on successful exchange recovery from incremental backups.

I can start exchange using hard recovery by deleting .chk file and mounting the database, but then I loose all emails for 20 August.


The main questing is do incremental bakcups of transaction logs actually work?

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You mentioned there was a

You mentioned there was a time mismatch? Did you start allowing mail to flow into this server again mid-recovery? Or is it still offline being recovered?

What happened when you tried to recover the incrementals?

Unlike BUE I dont believe BESR can do the actual replay of logs.

I think you may have to hard recover the database. Did you try the /P switch on ESEUTIL?