Restore Failed (Looping restart)

When Restore image windows server 2003 (32bit and 64 bit) or 2008 by symantec system recovery 2013 sp2 during restore show up 2 messages about 2 drivers Netwok and storage after finish the continuously restarting

I tried these solutions from symantec when create case : 

1- Load valid drivers from hardware vendor page and convert that fils in to .inf format and then load in SRD.

2- Create custom SRD from machine

3- During restore bring up hidden option
 In the hidden option check only "Delete Existing drivers and remaining option should be unchecked.During restore bring up hidden option

but every methods above didn't help me !


Note : I tried restore images for other sites and restore completely 100% without any problem but in this site have a problem i dont know why !!!

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Have a look here:

Any updates?

Any updates?

Any updates here?

Any updates here?