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Restore anywhere drive considerations

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Hi Experts,

I have a DC being backedup using SSR 2013,The C drive being backed up is allocated 120GB,wherein only 20 GB is used space .I have a backup job running successfully using SSR.I need to restore this server in my vmware environment.I tried to assign a Harddisk space of 30GB in new virtual machine and started the restore process.The recovery my computer wizard ends with invalid disk.Is there anyone here who can guide me with the minimum disk requirements for the restore process.


Thanks in advance


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Hello najmulhasan,


SSR calculates the whole disk space , irrespective of the used space on the disk.

I will request you to follow the below article for space calculation and accordingly use the disk for restoration.

Best practice for calculating the storage space requirements 

Thank you 

Tripti Rajusth 


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Hi Tripti,

Thanks for the Technote,But it specifies backup storage considerations when you want to do automated cleanup for recovery points in destination drive..What iam looking for is for the recovery process.

I have other Servers with 4TB Lun assigned and the data being backed up or used is just 1TB.How can i simulate the restoration process in Vmware as it has 2TB Limitations.

If you are aware of any technote for Best practice for calculating the storage space requirements for recovery process kindly share it.





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