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When backing up a complete drive, when I create a base with several incremental recovery points, if I need to restore, I just want to confirm that I do NOT have to restore the base first then a sequential restore using the incrementals in chronological order.  I just select the recovery point I want to restore from - even thou that recovery point may be a fraction of the size of the base  - and that recovery point will restore my drive back to full at the time of that recovery point?  Is this correct?   So the incremental points must be linked to the base.

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I'm a newbie here, but I have some restores to do every day,

for example:
If I have to restore a file, I select the last full to the last inc/diff

netbackup will handle the rest.

I think that if U need to do a BMR  there is a current stat that is updated so I think U don't need to restore one by one.

and Yes, you will have to restore the last full and apply the inc/diff but net backup will do it for you.

I hope it help

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Sorry wrong forum.


Sorry, I didn't mention I'm

Sorry, I didn't mention I'm useing BESR 2010. 

Thanks Claudio, but the docs

Thanks Claudio, but the docs don't mention doing a full restore FIRST then applying the incrementals one-by-one IN ORDER to get back to a specific state.  What about it Symantec Support Reps??

BESR Incrememtals

GiJeet - you are correct about selecting the incremental you want and restoring up to that point. Yes the base and it's incremental's must be keep together and accessible with BESR.

OK, just to make sure we're

OK, just to make sure we're on the same page, so there is no abiguity when it comes to backups, if I want to restore my complete drive say from a software install I want to reverse, I just navigate to my backup recovery points, select one of the incrementals and restore.  I do NOT have to select the base first, then start selecting incrementals one-by-one to get to the point I want to be.  Is this correct?

You are correct :)

Just point to the incremental you'd like to restore from and BESR will handle the rest.