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Restore entire Folder with sub-folders and files.

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Hey guys,

I setup my Symantec Exec to create file backups from a drive that I use to store images. Unfortunately the hard drive doesnt work, and now I want to restore the files into another drive. The problem is that Backup Exec only allows me to recover the actual files and not the entire root folder with all the sub-folders and files in it.

When I created the task in Backup Exec I selected the root folder and checked the option to also backup subfolders and files, but when i try to re-store it doesn't allow me just to select the root folder and restore the entire set of subfolders and files inside the root folder. 

Is there  away of recovering the root folder with all the sub-folders and files in it? 

I am using Backup Exec 8.

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Right click on your backup and select "Mount", then you can access your data via Windows Explorer or the command prompt.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for the reply,

the problem is that I want to recover a file backup no a recovery point. The file backup contains subfolders an tons of files. I would like to know if there is an option to restore the file backup just by selecting the root folder and restore everything in one shot.

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I also have this problem... i hope someone could help us