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Restore fails with Error EA390013, copy drive fails also

I'm trying to replace my 160GB drive with a larger 250GB drive.  I'm running version SSR 2011 Desktop on Win 7 x86 OS.  I have only 2 Recovery points and bothe fail when I install the new drive and boot with the recovery disk of the same version mentioned above.  It appears to be at the very end and "Error EA390013: At end of Something" comes up.  When I scan the disk through anaylize it doesn't have any data restored mainly the Windows default folders, like Windows, Users - but only default and Public. Both rescovery points fail the same way.  There never appeared to be anything wrong with the 160GB drive it is just getting close to full.


So next I reinstalled the original 160GB drive and booted to it with the larger drive also installed.   I ran copy drive but it too fails at 96% with --

"High Priority Error: Error EC8F17B3: Cannot complete copying of  (C:\) drive.
 Error EC8F0409: Cannot copy source drive to destination location.
  Error EA390013: At end of something. 0xEA390013 (Symantec System Recovery)

What do any of these errors mean?  Too vague.  I just ran Windows error checking on the 160GB drive, it found nothing.

Is this error due to my 160GB source drive or is there something wrong with the new 250GB drive?

Any help is appreciated.

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Have you checked the

Have you checked the option

 Resize drive to fill unallocated space

before starting the restore ?

If the above suggestion does

If the above suggestion does not help, please open a support case for further investigation.

Yep, tried that everytime.  I

Yep, tried that everytime.  I thought about trying it not checked to see if that was the issue, I may still.

Keep us posted !

Keep us posted !

I have open a case for this

I have open a case for this issue.  They have recommended following this procedure.


I have found that I can't restore to the larger drive with resize drive after recovery. If I just restore to the same size it is works, but this is not going to be satisfactory. My drive is filling up so a larger drive with more space is needed.  So as of now, if I choose to resize the drive, it fails.

This computer is in production, so it is difficult to do restores during working hours.  I can try mainly on weekends and nights, sometimes if conditions are right I can attempt a daytime recovery.

Additional notes,  This drive does not have a separate System Reserved Partition or an EFI Partition.



Keep us posted if the

Keep us posted if the recovery works to the same size, also you can provide the support case number if this does not work and we can take this further.

Someone is going to call me

Someone is going to call me about this issue.  So I'm waiting for that right now.  The case is Case : 06186468.

FYI, I did get it to restore to the same size, but resizing to use all the space of larger drive (250GB) fails everytime.

I'll keep you posted as it goes. 

This is taken care.

This is taken care.

The issue is a known problem

The issue is a known problem when restoring to larger drive an resizing to use all space.  The version I'm referring to is SSR 2011 Desktop.  I doublt any fix is coming.   I don't know if the latest version of SSR has the same issues.  Maybe someone else could provide the answer to that.

I will use alternative methods to get accomplished what I need.


Thanks to all.

Well I feel the issue must be

Well I feel the issue must be fixed with SSR 2013 . You can give it a try, I am sure this must have been resolved in SSR 2013.

I will request you to mark the post as solved if you would not try SSR 2013 , this may help others to get some suggestions and get their issues resolved.

If you try SSR 2013 , let us know , it would be helpful.

I thank you for posting the results.

Can you explore your

Can you explore your statement a little more ?

"The issue is a known problem when restoring to larger drive an resizing to use all space"

I got an update from Symantec

I got an update from Symantec on the issue a couple days ago..  What I have been told is they have now been able to duplicate the error.  It has something to do with specific image files and (if I understand correctly) restoring to certain dirives.  Like for me and not necessarily anyone else, restoring a 160GB image to a 250GB drive resized  -- fails.  But if you restore a 160GB drive image to a shrunk down 250GB drive from a 500GB drive resized smaller in other words it works everytime.  That's all I know at this time, and they are working on it to understand why some fail others don't.

I couldn't give them my failing image (security concerns) but I hope later this week to give them a secure image that fails under my hardware conditions.

Any updates here?

Any updates here?

They have said it is

They have said it is difficult to duplicate and therefore is taking some time and will keep me updated.  They have said that fresh partitions don't have the issue.  It is older drives (images actually) that have had a lot of sector manipulation done to them that are having the issue.   So I think the issue is in the Image file caused by all the sector manipulation.  I tried duplicating this using the original drive and making a new image backup.  It restored just fine to a larger drive resized to use all space everytime.  My original backup image was destroyed after the new hard drive was installed so I could no longer play with the error situation.  If you are having the issue described here, I would try the following if you can.  First defrag your drive, run chkdsk also.  Then create a new backup image and try the restore to larger drive with this image, my guess is it will work.  Or if you can't do that, you could restore the suspect image to a larger drive but just don't resize it to use all space through SSR 2011.  After the restore in this manner, then use disk management to extend the partition.  This is what I did.

Once I destroyed the original image I could never duplicate the error again.  This is why Symantec is having a hard time, they need a particular image that fails and it is hard to re-create the environment.  Hope this made sense.

Re: They have said it is

We were getting the same problem with a server down emergency, veritas would not help unless we had a support contract. Which takes 24 hours. So began reading, found this. But we tried everything....nothing helped. Restored to a bigger partition, and it worked!!