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Restore to different brand PC SSR 2011

I am using Symantec System Recovery 2011 for both the backups and the recovery disk. My backups are good and i can do folder and file recovery no problem. The issue I'm having is I'm going from a Lenovo PC that has Lenovo system drives as well as software and I'm trying to restore to an Asus PC. The Lenovo has a 128GB SSD drive so I purchased a Crucial 128GB SSD for the Asus and this is the drive I am recovering to. I followed a video that I found on Symantecs Site at this link: I get all the way through the recovery and the PC starts going through registry settings, but then gets stuck on: Setup is preparing you computer for first use. I don't know if this is because the backup comes from a Lenovo PC and I'm restoring to a Asus PC or not, but isn't this why therer is the iptio to use restore anywhere? If anyone knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate the help.

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I have seen this before when

I have seen this before when I have been recovering to a multi boot machine, I am not conversant with SSR 2011 but use SSR 2013 R2.

I take it that your backups are Full pc backups, backing up "My Computer" and not "File and Folders".

When I backup I never use "FaFs" because a full pc backup will copy the lot, apps and all.

I never watched all the video because there was too much waffle.

I would run a "One Time Backup" of the primary drive and make sure you backup hidden drives. I take it the Lenovo has a boot partition included. Prepare the new drive by running "Diskpart" from Analyze and clean the drive creating unallocated space.

You can then use the files created with the "OTB" and transfer them onto the new clean drive, not forgetting to tick the box"restore anywhere".

I can post a easy step by step instruction if you want.


Yes if you could post those

Yes if you could post those steps that would be great. Thank you!

Ok, these instructions were

Ok, these instructions were for Ghost 15 but SSR is virtually the same.

This is what I call "Image Restore"

1. Create unallocated space on the new drive, use Analyze and diskpart to do this.

2. Don't go any further than "Clead" in Diskpart.

3. Make sure that you have backed up the full computer creating .v2i files on the external drive.

4.Boot up with the SSR  recovery disk.

5.Select Recover my computer.

6.Select File Name  and Browse.

7.Click on Computer icon and open.

8. Search for the external drive containing the files.

9. Select first file and oped and next.

10.Use the Edit function to select the unallocated space.

11. Then Ok or next.

12.verify recovery point before restore.

13.check for file system errors. the primary partition.

15.set drive active (for booting O/S)

16.restore origional disk signature.

17.Restore MBR

18. Then click next - finish  - yes.

If you have more than one partition or drive repeat above and then reboot.

make sure also that you have backed up the hidden drive containing the boot info and run that one first or it won't boot up.

By a bit of practice you should be able to "Clone" the drive and you may well have to re-activate it.



I have tried this and still

I have tried this and still no go. Am i to understand that you have done this restore to a different brand of PC and it has worked? When I did the restore when it tried to boot I recieved a black screen that told me to insert the window's installation disk and repair my computer with a status of: 0xc000000e. I googled this code and ran the commands thruogh command prompt, but when I ran the bootre /rebuildbcd when the windows installtions found item comes up it is showing 0 when it should show 1. Any more thoughts?

What brand\model is the SSD?

What brand\model is the SSD?

The Brand\model Crucial MX100

The Brand\model Crucial MX100 SSD. Does the backup with Symantec have to done with 2013R2, and does the recovery disk that I'm using to do the restore have to be from 2013R2? It is set to EFI boot.

I my experience when you get

I my experience when you get the black screen I have run a repair with the installation disk, but sometimes you need to run it twice and it boots ok.

I go along with what Andy is saying they need to be identical systems but that is beyond my expertise,sorry.