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Restored System State Backup by Vertias Backup

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 I have restored System State backup of original Domain Controller to new Server. The Hardware configurations of both the servers are same. I cannot restore it though Domain Controller Restore Mode. ( By pressing F8) as I was using Veritas backup doesn’t work in that mode. ( The backup has taken 60days back)

The restored folder contains below folders. Active Directory, Com+, Registry, Boot Filles, sysvol.

I want to restore only DNS Setting from above folder. Usually I want to check what the Forwarder IP address in Original Domain Controller was 60 days back.

1. OS Version : Windows 2000,
2. SP : Service Pack 4
3. AD Integrated


Level 6
Typically, a domain controller backup becomes tombstoned at 60 days, or 180 days, depending on how the tombstone setting was configured.  Since your DNS settings were AD integrated, you may be out of luck .  If you tried to re-introduce this DC into the domain, it could really wreak havoc with the AD replication.

If all you need to do is check DNS settings, you could try restoring this server in a lab environment, with the BIOS clock set back to a date earlier than 60 days.  If it works, erase the hard drive(s) afterward and reset  the clock so that this box could be used to build anther server