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Restoring Windows 2012 R2 with BESR 2013R2 - 99% Never finishes

Hello Guys

Wondering if someone can shed some light on this issue - School in the UK. We have a Windows 2012R2 server that has failed storage and so we are restoring to the same machine new hdds and also trying on a different machine - however both machines do the exact same thing .. the restoration goes well until it reaches 99% .. and nothing else happens.. the images are stored on another server so we can see network throughoutput stops. the image is around 400GB in size and around 680GB once restored..

if we cancel the machines hang, if we cold reboot the partition does not appear to be created properly as one would expect.

its only 2 partitions , the boot area for 2012 and the os part.

has anyone come accross this problem before - we regualrlly check the backup files each week , to see if we can mount etc etc which it appears to be fine however, its pritty useless if we can finish the restore!

Many thanks Ryan

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Re: Restoring Windows 2012 R2 with BESR 2013R2 - 99% Never finishes


We are likely going to need to do a review of the debug logs (gathered from the recovery environment at the time of the restore hanging) to understand what is going on here. Are you able to open a support case for this?

When it hangs at 99%, how long have you waited? Just curious to see if it will ever finish if you wait long enough.

How long does the restore run for before it hangs?

Have you tried a manual verify of the image (using the recovery point browser) on another machine to confirm there is no corruption inside the image? I doubt it but something worth checking.

Finally, what version of SSR did you use when creating the recovery disk (check in Help/About to confirm service pack level)?

Re: Restoring Windows 2012 R2 with BESR 2013R2 - 99% Never finishes

Hi Chris

thanks for the reply, around 2/3 hours on the orginal machine and the new machine, we then leave it around an hour before giving up.

we are now trying to restore on a vmware workstation type to see if that makes a difference.

We have checked the image and all appears to be well.

How do we get the debug files from the mid / recovered machine ?

Yes we can open a support for this :)


Re: Restoring Windows 2012 R2 with BESR 2013R2 - 99% Never finishes

And Version is :

Here is what I would

Here is what I would recommend:

  • Update to SP5 - (reboot required)
  • Create new recovery disk
  • Retry restore using new recovery disk

If restore hangs at 99% again, wait for around 30mins (get screenshot/photo that shows it hanging). You should then be able to move the restore window and get back to the main menu inside the recovery environment. Collect these logs:

Create a support case and provide logs/screenshot. Let me know the case number and I can look into this for you.

Also, is this a system down situation for a production machine? Just trying to understand how critical it is.

Just wondered if you had been

Just wondered if you had been able to make any progress on this?