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SMP 8.5 RU3

SMP 8.5 RU is out: can we safely upgrade to this version? Does it mean that after this SQL 2017 is supported?

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Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

As of now, VSR 18 SP3 Management Solution supports SMP 8.5 RU2.

<VSR 18 SP4 SCL>

NOTE: VSR 18 SP4 Management Solution is not released. As of now, VSR 18 SP3 Management Solution is the latest version. 

SMP 8.5 RU2 supports SQL 2016 SP2 or earlier according to the below article.

Regarding SMP 8.5 RU3, I will update this thread if I get any information.

Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

I can tell you that it is working...

I have VSR-MS18 SP3 installed on Altiris CMS 8.5 RU3 and also VSR 18 SP4 (client software) and all is working well, except for one thing. I was going to put my own topic up here but hope you dont mind me putting this here instead to keep it all in the 8.5 RU3 thread...



Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

Typically, what I have found was that Altiris/Symantec and soon to be Broadcom would create a new version of Altiris. SSR and now VSR was always about 6 months off. That typically put us on older versions as it takes us forever to get upgraded, and when we start, were locked in on the version were doing. so when we went 7.1, 7.5 was out but SSR was just good for 7.1, and it has been this way for years...


This time, CMS 8.5 RU3 installed, VSR-18 SP3 showed up and did not bicker and installed, configured and fully running. The only thing I have found as not working (more of a visual) is that pic on post above...

Altiris fully supporting chrome is awesome.... ohhhh... VSR-MS 18 SP 3 not liking chrome.. cant edit backup policies, tray icon policies, etc...

thats it so far...



Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

I got our plan from Engineering. Unfortunately we do not have a plan to support SMP 8.5 RU3 on VSR 18 SP3 Management Solution. We are considering to support RU3 in the next release.

Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

next release is SP4 or....VSR20?

Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

The version number for the next release is not officially published yet. I think that a major version number will be assigned.

Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

update on this as it is over 4 weeks old?

i did see somewhere an invite to VSR-MS 21 beta... applied but havent heard back so im assuming that is the next version..

it is both the client software and the management solution both at ver 21.


Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

found my email.. now to get into the beta program..

. The Beta program will start on December 30, 2019 and end on January 10, 2020.

Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

I'm sorry that I cannot update the version information since I have no official information.
Now I also hear that the next major release is a version 21 for VSR for Windows, VSR for Linux and VSR Management Solution.

Re: SMP 8.5 RU3

VSR 21 has been released on 6th Apr. SMP 8.5RU3 is supported on this version.


<Release note>
Symantec Management Platform 8.5 RU3 support for Management Solution

<Download Center>

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