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SR21 UI Takes Too Long To Fully Load

Level 2

The time it takes for the SR21 UI to fully load is 82 seconds - that's 82 seconds after clicking the application shortcut in the start menu and 82 seconds of delay before I can actually do anything.

SR18 was bad enough at about 25 seconds, SR21 is a STEP BACKWARDS :( :( :(

I would expect no more than 6-8 seconds. I want to get stuff done not wait around staring at an unusable UI!

Please note: I originaly submitted a technical support ticket when I initially upgraded to SR21, the technical support spent weeks trying to figure out why the UI was taking so long to load - in the end, they said that this delay was consistent with the new version upgrade, so 'per design' and could not be fixed.



Level 5

I noticed this issue for v21 during beta testing and reported it.  Never heard a response from the Veritas team.  My on-site and off-site backups are stored on NAS units and during start up and opening the user interface the "Scanning disks...." process takes much longer than it did with v18.  In some cases,depending on the machine, 5 to 10 times longer!  Basically you sit patiently (or impatiently) and wait.  I agree....a step backwards.  Hopefully the next service pack will address this issue.  If this is expected behavior, please tell us why.  Very annoying.


I installed VSR 21 on BIOS and UEFI based system but the issue never occurs.

But if the backup destination is on a remote server and the remote server is unavailable, I experience that "Reading backup destination information" is displayed for over 30 SECONDS when launching the VSR console.

In the below steps, we may be able to find where the bottleneck is when it takes a long time until VSR console is fully opened.

1. Close the VSR console.

2. Rename C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\LOGS\VProConsole.log.txt to VProConsole.log.txt.1

3. Lanuch the VSR console.

4. Wait until VSR console is fully opened.

5. C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\LOGS\VProConsole.log.txt is newly generated.

6. Open VProConsole.log.txt with a notepad.

7. A beginning of each line means elapsed seconds.

8. You can find where a bottleneck was.

However, after the bottleneck was found, we may not know what to do.

In case of me, I booted the remote server or deleted C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\HISTORY\*.PQH files. After then, the issue is gone.