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SRR2011 backup plan - due to drive naming bug

Hello, I am trying to get a customer backing up the way he wants.

We have five (5) 2TB external drives using the eSata interface. The drives have the same drive letter. We want to have 2 backups on each drive.

If I create one backup job, set to 10 recovery points. Can I rotate those drives on a daily basis? It would ensure that the oldest recovery point (backup) is on the drive when the backup writes the 11th allowing the backup software to delete the oldest backup.

Any reason this won't work?


Thank you



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Rotating the primary backup

Rotating the primary backup destination is not supported. SSR tracks both the GUID and the drive letter, so although the drive letters might be the same, the GUID is not and this will cause issue. You could theoretically set up 5 separate jobs (1 for each drive).

If you want to rotate drives, I suggest using the 'offsite' feature, which allows for drive rotation. Offsite copies the recovery points from the backup destination to the offsite location when that drive is plugged in.

Questions:  1. can a backup


1. can a backup job have the destination drive changed without issue?

2. Sorry to ask but what is the GUID? ID what?

I currently have 5 individual backup Jobs M-F and is not working well. 

Thank you.



1 - You can change the backup

1 - You can change the backup destination by editing the backup job, but this will reset the job. In other words, if you have it set to retain 10 backups, changing the backup destination resets it back to 1 on the new destination.

2- The GUID is a unique 'serial number' on the drive. No two drives share the same GUID.

SSR does not work well with rotating drives, even if you have separate backup jobs for each drive. SSR is geared for fixed media, and offsite is geared for creating an offsite copy.

Does it work well with a NAS

Does it work well with a NAS or DAS device?  Any issues.

If the NAS is set as a fixed

If the NAS is set as a fixed target drive yes it works well.