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SRS 2010 - Run Granular Restore Option

Small Business Server 2007, 64-bit, Exchange 2007

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Small Business Server Edition v


The SRS software appeared to have been running the base images and incrementals sucessfully.

Running the Granular Restore Option on the Server that is being backed up, select "use latest recovery point", results in "No recovery points exist for the current computer"..

Use alternative system index, browse, locate the .sv2i file, click Open, click Ok, and the following error appears;


Result (0xe98f0004 20 RPAM_ERR_INIT_FAILED Args [0]Smiley Wink


I have verified the recover points, I can load and mount with the recovery point browser but cannot get the Granular Restore to work at all. I need to restore a folder from within a users mailbox, which in theory, SRS should be able to do, but doesn't seem to in this case..

Any suggestions?



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Can you just test this for me

Can you just test this for me please:

From within windows explorer, browse to the location where the recovery points are stored, right-click on the recovery point and choose the 'mount' option - does this work (it should mount the recovery point as a temporary volume within windows)?

I have browsed to the latest

I have browsed to the latest recovery point on our NAS box, right-clicked, and mounted the recovery point, so yep, that works ok.

OK, so we know we can mount

OK, so we know we can mount successfully.

Can you check the properties of the backup job and confirm the length of the 'name' for the job. How many characters are in there? This may seem like an odd request but I know we've had issues with this in the past.

Also, is the recovery point password protected or encrypted?

I have no idea what you mean

I have no idea what you mean by "length of the 'name' for the job "; Drive Backup of (C:\) ??

No password protection or encryption used.

That's exactly what I meant.

That's exactly what I meant. OK, nothing out of the ordinary there then.

If you have a support contract; I think your best bet is to get a case open so that we can look into this in more detail.