SSR 18 - Any best practices for P2V restore?

I have created full system back-ups of various Windows 10 computers before upgrading them from Home to Pro using VSR 18.

I now need to test migrating those computers from Workgroup to Domain and plan to use ForensiT to accomplish this.

I am hoping that I can use the saved .v2i files to restore to a VHDX file.  If I can, then I can then convert that to use in Oracle VirtualBox and test the migration.

Does anyone have any practical advice for the restore to a VHDX?


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Re: SSR 18 - Any best practices for P2V restore?

You could create an empty VM based on a VHDX file and simply restore the image in that VM.

Or follow the users guide, chapter Managing virtual conversions


Re: SSR 18 - Any best practices for P2V restore?


There are 2 ways to move from physical to virtual:

  • Convert recovery point to virtual format. Create new VM and attach the VHDX files that were created during the conversion.
  • Create new VM and connect iso file for VSR recovery disk. Boot VM into recovery environment and perform a normal restore using VSR.

Hope that helps.