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SSR 2011 - - 2008R2 - Even Log Window Blank

About a week ago a client's server started reporting backup status unknown to our RMM application.

I wrote it off as a hiccup, schedule a reboot and cleaned the SSR logs (SSR shows complete backup sucess with no missed jobs via visual graph).

After 2 reboots however the issue persisted.

Upon checking more indepth, SSR is showing a visual success, and the Windows Even logs are being written.

I proceed to delete the SSR log file, changed the SSR log file path and max size, and I cleared the Windows Event Log.

I've also run Liveupdated before and after the reboot to ensure the package is current and up-to-date.

The issue being even after all the the above, this is all i get for event notifications.

Please not that SSR is generating Windows App Log notifications.

SSRLOG 10-2-2014 10-37-25 AM.png

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Try running fixinstall.bat

Try running fixinstall.bat and this can be downloaded from -