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SSR 2011 Cannot create a Backup Job

Level 0

The problem I am having is with simply creating a job. Here is the situation. There is an existing job that I cannot change because the backup destination is not there. The destination is a USB external drive that has gotten corrupt and needs repair so it is not seen by SSR. Because the job cannot see the drive, it will not allow me to change it.  (Very frustrating!) Also, I cannot create another job to point to a different external hard drive which I have attached with a different drive letter. When I try, it seems it is creating the job, and gives me no message that it is not creating it. I click Finish, but the job is not there. The job that points to the bad drive creates a full recovery point backup on the weekend and creates incrementals on each weekday.  I have tried creating a one-time job, a weekly job, and a job just selecting files.  Nothing works.  I give the job a name and after clicking finish, it is not there.  No message. No nuthin'!  Any help is appreciated!


Level 2

Under Tasks>Options. You will find "External Drives" under "Destinations". Remove the external drive that was corrupted from here. Access "Progress and Performance" under "View" to see the progress of the currently running backup. If you are still not sure, go to the backup destination and manually check for full backup (look for ".v2i" file) once the backup has been finished.