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SSR 2011 - Restoring Windows 7 Pro 64-bit BSOD



I have multiple clients running System Recovery 2010 on their servers to NAS.  Backups complete without issue.  We recently had to restore to similar hardware which was a breeze.  I have downloaded System Recovery 2011 Trial to a Dell Latitude Z.  Grabbed the hot image to USB and booted the new laptop, Dell XPS 14Z, with the SRD and attempted a Restore Anywhere job.  I tried this multiple times, about 8 to be exact all with different configurations and options changed or chosen.  My problem is, I cannot recommend these products anymore unless I am 100% sure that a server, let alone laptop, can be restored to dissimilar hardware.  Please help and advise how I can get this functioning.

I am including a screenshot of the Latitude Z's drives from Disk Management.

Please guide me though this or I will be in the dog house for recommending SSR.

Thank you,


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Just clarifying - was the

Just clarifying - was the source machine the latidue Z and the target machine was the XPS? When it BSOD, does the machine reboot by itself and get into a loop? Provide a few more details so we can understand exactly what is going on.