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SSR 2011 - Update software/agents

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I have a small installation of about 30 workstations being managed by the Symantec System Recovery Management Solution. We recently upgraded the console to SP2 and the agent on the server to 7.1.12359.5359. Everything was fine for about 4 days and now about half the agents have stopped reporting to the managment console.

The console states that computer have no next backup time and the last backup was 7 days ago. This is incorrect, logging into the computers I can see the schedule is correct and backups were successful last night. I have tried changing the backup shedule and the clients don't update. So far every computer is running the same version of client software and agents but only a handful are effected. Some were fixed by rebooting the machines, others still have and issue. The Agents all report the last time they reported to the console was very recently (minutes). All firewall policies were set via a script so there is no variation between machines from that perspective.

So my next step was to check agent versions, I note that the server now runs a different Management Agent version to the clients (not plugin), my question is how do I update these clients to the same version or should I even bother?

When I go to Settings->Agents and Plugins->Symantec Management Agent->Windows-> All the options for upgrade to 32-bit Symantec Management Agent 7.1 have "Windows computers requiring Symantec mangement upgrade target" as the target and the Computers view show no computers. If I add a single computer to this policy and apply it (run now and scheduled) nothing happens. The policy is on, I didn't miss that one.

So, I need the agents to communicate and would like to know how to update them to the current version? Can anyone help please?


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It might be worth calling support and opening a case on this, as there are several logs that we would need to look through to tell us what is going on. Going from SP1 to SP2, obviously something broke, and we need to delve into this.

One thing you may want to try is to remove the agent, SSR plugin that the SSR software from one of the non-reporting clients, then redeploying those 3 components again. Though not a permanent solution for all of the machines, it will tell us if the upgrade broke something in the communication path.

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you may also want to look at new Symantec System Recovery 2013 Monitor which works for SSR 2011 & BESR 2010. It is a new and very simple application that will help users to easily determine the backup protection status of computers that are backed up using Symantec System Recovery (SSR). It is good solution for monitoring around 100 odd client machines. It is in FA program. use follwoing link for getting to SSR monitor FA