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SSR-2011 settings / security roles missing

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I wonder if anyone can help me on this,

I've installed SSR 2011 on my Windows 2008 R2 server and have problems assigning AD accounts to the Symantec Role Groups.

On my old BESR 2010 server under system / manage / local users and groups I have a 6 local groups, Symantec Admins, Guests, Level 1 workers and so on. These are not on my new SSR 2011 server but I can't find another way getting SSR 2011 to add AD groups to Symantec roles so our administrators can authenticate with their Domain Admin accounts. At present you can only access the Symantec Management Console on the 2008 R2, If I try to connect (even as a Domain Admin) i can not authenticate to the site.


Another issue (that might be related) under settings \ notification server \ Microsoft Active Directory Import I can not select any of the import options, I get a error message "This rule can not be enabled until a schedule has been specific and enabled.". I have enabled the Directory Synchronization Schedule below but this makes no difference. I can highlight the import and click "run the specified import rule now" button and it runs.





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Is Service pack 1 been applied to this Windows 2k8r2 system? What version of Symantec Management Platform (SMP) do you have installed; you can find this out by going to the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) and look under installed applications. In the main console, were you able to add your administrator group to the Settings | Security | Account Management | Roles | Symantec Administrators | Add Member?

You will need to use IE7 or 8 from a remote system when attempting to connect to the SMP.