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SSR 2011 = slow recovery time

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Symantec's product information on this product shows the following under "Product Features":

"Sever backup software restores physical and virtual servers from local or off-site destinations in minutes, even to bare metal, dissimilar hardware, remote locations, or virtual environments."

We had a server disaster recently and were appalled to learn that a server recovery does not in fact take minutes, but hours.  The server is about 400 GB in size, not huge by today's standards at all.  It's a new 24-core IBM server with 32 GB of RAM, GB ethernet, SAS drives - this is no workstation running Windows!  Yet, the recovery process was over 5 hours. 

I'm thinking that either the product falls way short of claims, or maybe we're missing something here.

Let's assume the product is just fine (there are a lot of users out there, after all).  So, what are we missing?  We back up to a NAS device on our local LAN, running Windows Storage Server and connected via a GB ethernet link.  The server hardware, as I said, is top-drawer stuff.

We need to bring our time to recovery to a more acceptable point.  Sure, it would be great to have a 30 minute recovery time, but if we could show the company owner that we have reduced the time to get his server back up and running to a more acceptable 90 - 120 minutes, he'd be a lot happier.

What are some of you doing out there to keep your time to recovery down?



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One thing you might want to look at is the NIC driver that is being used within the recovery environment. The recovery environment is Windows PE 2.1 based so the driver used here may not be the same driver that is used within Windows.

You can also set the duplex settings within the recovery environment which may help.

Hope that helps.

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After all data would transfer over the LAN as it's stored on NAS device. For doing a backup of 400 GB of data i am sure it's taking more than an hour so expecting to restore the data in a much lesser time is not justifiable.

Ofcourse if the ratio between backup and restore is very high than it's a matter of concern for which checking NIC settings and the drivers used in the recovery environment would matter.