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SSR 2013 Hangs at 5% when performing backup

SSR 2013 hangs at 5% when performing backup, the machine is running Xp SP3 with 2GB of memory. All of the hard Drives have plenty of space. Looks like it is having a problem with the snap shot. Progress messasge says it is Creating Snapshot and snaping drives.

The backup is an independant backup of 3 drives. C: drive, D: Drive which is I assume HP's recovery drive, J: drive which is a local drive with just their data files. Runs all night and never moves past 5%.

Any ideas?


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Have a look

Have a look here:


Thanks Markus, I had already

Thanks Markus,

I had already seen the first post you linked, but not the second one. I had already decide to try and separate the backup of each drive in the A.M. I had already run chkdsk and it reported no errors. Defrag is a great suggestion and I will also try that in the A.M., although I don't really like to defrag unless I have a good fresh backup.



Any progress here ?

Any progress here ?