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SSR 2013 How to improve FTP off-site copy performance?

How can I improve off-site copy performance via FTP?

Is there any "undocumented" tuning feature or is any RFE required to achive that? 


SSR 2013 Desktop Edition is running on Windows 7 and off-site copy is sent to a remote server via FTP.


The hosts are connected through 10Gb ethernet.

Transfer rate of FTP protocol between the host is 300MB/s or more.

It is an actual rate when I tested to send SSR backup images to the remote server using a bundle ftp command of Windows 7.


However, off-site copy performance is up to around 100MB/s under the same environment. The both hosts are not so busy.

Almost 10% of network workload and 30% of disk I/O workload during the off-site copy. Much CPU/Memory resources are free.


The admin guide never describes any feature or tunables to improve the FTP performance.

I opened a Symantec case and asked about that. But the answer was "no such feature is available".


I wonder if any "undocumented" feature or tunables are implemented on SSR 2013.

Or performance improvement on FTP off-site copy will be provided by a patch or in the next release.


Any advice or information?

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You could try the SSR

You could try the SSR Performance Keys:

Markus. My SSR 2013 would be


My SSR 2013 would be SP2 (

It the Performnce Keys for SSR 2013 SP1 compatible with SP2?

Please advise.




Markus, I tried to apply the

Markus, I tried to apply the registry file and monitor the ftp off-site backup activities for one week. But the transfer rate was almost same and never improved. According to the KB article, it would improve the off-site performance via remote filesystem. > These settings frequently improve the performance of servers saving recovery points to a network share, making the backup 2-3 times faster. So, I suppose it would never impact on off-site copy via ftp. I will test off-site copies on a remote filesystem in coming weeks and provide feedback if any difference is found between off-site copy performance via ftp and remote filesystems.



Any updates here ?

Any updates here ?

No useful data is obtained in

No useful data is obtained in the meanwhile probably because of off-site copy operations with small sized data due to incremental backup. One of full backup tasks is scheduled in this weekend with large sized data transfer. Please give me a few days for next feedback.