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SSR 2013 P2V conversion with multiple drives, without sv2i file ?

I have a pair of SSR 2013 backup files for a single Windows 2003 server - one v2i file containing the C drive image, another v2i file containing the D drive image.  When I use the SSR 2013 P2V one time conversion wizard, it appears it's not possible to select both C and D backup files to create a single VMDK to push to the ESXi server?  

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After you select the type of

After you select the type of virtual conversion, the next screen shows the source. In the drop-down, choose SYSTEM and it will show the drives that were backed up in the same job.  SYSTEM will search for and use the .sv2i file to determine what drive(s) were backed up in the job. You may need to browse to the location of the .sv2i, which should be at the same location as the .v2i and .iv2i files.

I understand the SYSTEM

I understand the SYSTEM option to locate and select the .sv2i, but the issue is if I have a broken incremental in the chain (or I want to restore to an earlier point in time), then the .sv2i is not useful. 

In one-off cases like that

In one-off cases like that where you cannot use the .sv2i, create an empty VM, boote up to the Symantec Recovery DIsk, and restore the image files directly into the VM, just as you would a physical server. It takes a couple of extra steps but will accomplish the goal of restoring the machine.