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SSR 2013 scheduled backup while computer in sleep mode

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I have SSR 2013 trial version installed on Windows 8 64-bit laptop which is normally in sleep mode when not in use.

I have setup a "backup my computer" job scheduled to rum once every week. I have also created a "scheduled task" in Windows Task Scheduler which triggers one minute before the scheduled backup time. I use VProTray.exe as the "action" in the Task Scheduler for it to run after the laptop wakes up. BTW, I just use this action (VProTray.exe) but it has no specific purpose to be invoked.

 Here is the problem: the laptop wakes from sleep but the scheduled backup never runs.

Is it some limitation due to the trial version (everytime I manually "Open Symantec System Recovery 2013" by right clicking the icon in the system tray, it asks for activation) or is it something I am doing wrong in the setup - either in Windows Task Scheduler and/or SSR 2013)?




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Have you had a look @ this KB -

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The issue is not that the computer is not waking up from sleep. It is about the backup not happening after the computer wakes up.

So, again, the computer wakes up from sleep, but the scheduled backup does not run.

So, my questions are:

1. Is it something I need to do in the setup for the backup to work?, OR

2. Is the issue happening due to Trial version of SSR 2013?