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SSR2011 sometimes delayed offsite - no error

Level 3

Hi all,

I have a strange problem.

The situation is as followes: The fysical server runs a hyperV version of w2k8r2. The client is a SBS2011 standard

There is always an USB drive connected to the fysycal server (in fact 2, that are being exchanged every week)

Each drive has its own driveletter (R and S so that the devices keeps that drive letter)

They are shared as \\hypervserver\R$ and \\hypervserver\S$ and are used as offsite copy!

On the SBS2001 runs SSR 2011 (latest with all updates) and it runs a backup of the SBS machine on an internal drive K:\ (that drive is an virtual drive on the hyperv server). and to offsite network share mentioned before.

I get an email when the backup starts and when parts are finnished

For many years it ran smoothly until sometimes the offsitecopy was not made. When the backup ran at 0.15 at night it normally also created offsite copy directly after it.

Every month when updates ran the server SBS 2011 needs to reboot.

The last 3 month the backup runs on the local K:\ drive but no offsite copy after a reboot of one of the machines (hyperv or SBS).

Very strange is that when I exchange the external drive, it does run offsite copy after the backup is created.

Last thursday I updated the servers and that night the same thing happened. I did NOT exchange the external drive and it took until saturday untill the offsite copy was triggered.

Very strange. The server is not very busy so I do not think that is the cause.

I already reset the backup three times. That is no solution!

Problem keeps coming back.

I do not see any errors..

Can somebody help me? I know that The VProSvc.exe (Backup Exec System Recovery Service) initiates the ftp Offsite Copy process. And that seems to run fine. ButI am not sure if that process also is used for SMB backup to a network share.

Help is appriciated

Thank you in advance

R Stokhof