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SSR2013 R2 restore point update of 5 changed files taking 12 hours

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I am running my first backup after upgrading to R2.  I had a backup that I created less than a month ago of a lightly used internal drive of under 1TB to an external drive.

I opened SSR 2013 R2 and looked at the backup job to see if the number of updates were limited or whatever and that checkbox was NOT checked.  So in my mind, I expected a differential/incremental or whatever backup. (not a new image).

I know only about 5 files have been added to this drive. So when I re-ran this backup job, I really expected it to fly through the update.  But it is running and telling me it will take 12 hours to do the backup.  To me that sounds like it is creating an entirely new image?!

What setting in my backup job could have caused this?  Or is this going to happen with every backup that I started with a prior version of SSR when I update it with R2?

The only other time I had this happen is when I made a backup one December and I had the job set to make a new image "annually",,,,,to me that means every 12 months....but SSR just starts over every January. (a 12 month option would be nice....) Anyway, that is not the case here.

Thanks for any input.  Not much I can do about it now (if I cancel it I have no idea what state my backup will be in) but I do want to understand it for when I run other backup jobs that were setup under the prior SSR release.

I was going to use this image with the bootup drive to restore the image to a fresh drive.  Assuming this is an updated restore point, when I point the bootup disc to the restore point location, is it going to give me 2 dates to choose from?

FWIW R2 does at least startup more quickly and does not scan forever for network or other attached drives that are not there....




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Yes, following an upgrade, the next backup will be a FULL backup.

Please refer to the readme which mentions this: