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SSR2013 (and SSSR2012) retention off-site copy


I deployed SSR2012 for a customer. 1 recovery point per month, retention 6 months. Configured an offsite copy to a second disk.

All goes well. When the retention period on the BU disk is achived a clean happens as it should do. I notice that the cleaning is also done on the offsite copy disk. Is there a way that I can set a different policy for the offsite copy location? Actually what I woul like to achieve is 6 months retention on the BU disk and only purge content from the offsite disc when it gets full. In this way the BU disk would provide recovery for 6 months, the offsite copy would be long term recovery.


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There is no such thing as SSR

There is no such thing as SSR 2012 :)

Unfortunately this is not possible with the current version of the product - sounds like a nice enhancement though. Offsite copy is just that - it mirrors what you have at your primary backup destination.

Please add this to the ideas section so that it can be considered for future versions of the product:

Chris, I meant SSR2011, my


I meant SSR2011, my mistake.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll continue doing a mannual copy every month for long term archiving...

I am trying out SSR2013, it

I am trying out SSR2013, it works when backing up my C and D drive. But when I backup my E drive(data drive) the program locks up.  I can copy everything on the E drive to the D drive and SSR2013 will do a backup of the C and D drive with no issues.  Can anyone tell me what is happening?