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SSR2013 system requirement, how can I confirm ?

Hello, I am learning Sytented System Recovery 2013.
I have some questions about requirement for backing up hyper-v systems.

Reffered Manual

Page 300 and 301,

■The Hyper-V VSS integration component must be installed on each virtual machine to be backed up.
Where can I confirm it ? on the Guest OS ? what is the exact name of component ? Is it "Hyper-V VSS integration component" ?

■ All the volumes on the fixed disks must support the creation of snapshots.
How can I confirm this ?  the result of "vssadmin list volumes" on the VM can provide enough information for this confirmation ?

It woul be grateful if you can give me a good advice, Thank you !

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Hi Minis, To check or

Hi Minis,

To check or configure which Hyper-V Integration services are active:

  1. Invoke Hyper-V Manager and select the virtual machine for which integration services are to be configured
  2. Click Settings (link in the Actions panel).
  3. From Settings Dialog, under Management section on the left panel, select Integration Services
  4. It will display the list of services provided to the selected guest
  5. Backup (Volume Snapshot) should be enabled as shown in the screenshot below


If the above mentioned component is already installed in the guest VM, the service with name "Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor" will be running under Windows Service Manager.

To check if the drive/volume supports the creation of snapshots:

  1. Under “My Computer
  2. Select and Right-Click the drive you would like to check if the creation of snapshots are supported
  3. Choose “Configure Shadow Copies” (if available) from the Right-Click menu or go to “Properties” and click on "Shadow Copies" (if “Configure Shadow Copies” isn’t available in the Right-Click menu.
  4. You will get the new window as shown in the below screenshot.


5. Choose the drive and click on the button “Create Now

6. If you see an entry getting created under “Shadow Copies of Selected Volume”, which means that the selected drive supports the creation of snapshots.

Hope it Helps...


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