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Scheduling Weekly Jobs

Level 2

My customer does a full backup every day.

They have 4 USB drives one each for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. However, for Friday they have a set of 3 USB drives that they use on rotation.

There is a seperate job for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each using the drive specified to that particular day. However, they have 3 jobs for Friday each one uisng a different drive (Friday 1, Friday 2, Friday 3). All these Friday jobs are scheduled to run every Friday at the same time on the basis that 2 will fail because the destination drive is not available and one will work. This also allows for the situation where the customer loads the "wrong" drive in the sequence.

This (sort of) works but it does cause an issue with the server monitoring software as it always reports job failures on a Friday and we have to check to make sure at least one worked okay.

My question is there any way that the 3 Friday jobs can be scheduled/configured to start, check to see if their destination drive is available and it it is not then reschedule itself without reporting a job failure? Alternativly, can I have one job that will backup to whichever drive is available.?


Level 6

Whaat backup software are you using?

Level 2

Symantec System recovery 2013.