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Server Recovery Disk Space Issue

Hi All,

I have a couple of servers backing up using Symantec Server Recovery 2010.

The backups will work 2 nights in a row and then report that the destination disk is full.

The problem is that i cannot see how to make the application remove previous backups to clear the disk before each backup every night.

I dont need to do incremental or have backups from the past just the most current as the rest is handled by tape.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?


Thanks in advance.

2 Replies

Andrew - The product will

Andrew - The product will delete older recovery points after the newest recovery point has been successfully created. Never before. For example, if you have the job to retain 2 recovery point sets, your destination needs space for 3 recovery points total (2 existing recovery points + the 3rd to be created). Newest in, oldest out. As a safe buffer, the total free space available for the latest backup should be 1.5x the amount if actual data being backed up).

If there are recovery points on the destination that have not been deleted and are taking up space, you can delete them by click on Tools, then Manage Backup Destination. In the drop down, locate the destination and delete any stragglers.


Hi, thanks for the info. I

Hi, thanks for the info.

I have 3 network connection 1TB drives for backing the servers up working on a rotation.

Day 1 drive 1, Day 2 drive 2, Day 3 drive 3, Day 4 drive 1 and so on...

Each server is set to monitor the disk space being used and the threshold is set to 200GB.

Once all servers have backed up they take up about 200GB of the 1TB drive.

The problem is that they dont seem to obey these settings.

However i have just noticed that the recovery point sets limit is 3, i have reduced it to 1, i shall test and report back to see if this worked.