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Server reboots shortly after full backup is kicked off

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I'm trying to help a non-Profit troubleshoot their server, so know up front that I didn't configure this server and until I started helping them out I had never used Systems Recovery 2011(I've had experience a LONG time ago with BackupExec back when it was owned by Veritas).

The issue they are having is that their Server reboots shortly after a full backup is kicked off... usually within 10 minutes.  There doesn't seem to be any smoking gun in the Event Logs and it doesn't even record any BSOD info, just an entry stating that the last reboot was unexpected.

Their server has the following Roles: Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, Exchange and Hyper-V... with Hyper-V serving up 5 VMs.  At first I thought the reboot was related to SSR and Hyper-V not playing nice, as originally they had all of their VMs within Hyper-V to only start up if it was previously started.  After encountering one of these reboots, I saw two VMs(which are running Linux) in a shutdown state and not running, which would suggest they were put into a non-running state just before the Server unexpectedly rebooted.

I found a few articles talking about similar situations with SSR not playing nice with Hyper-V, such as this article:


They all had to do with a Microsoft issue that was resolved by a hotfix(as pointed out here:
However, this server already has SP1 installed, which includes this hotfix, and yet it still encounters this issue.  The server will just reboot and the backup will be missed.  The odd thing is is that the server doesn't always crash and reboot...sometimes it can go a week or two without an incident, sometimes it'll happen 3 or 4 times in the same week... it seems to be hit and miss.
I've since configured their VMs to start up when the server starts up regardless of their last running state... this at least prevents the office for being down for hours instead of just the few minutes it takes the server to reboot.
So with that, I don't know if it is sitll possibly an issue with SSR and Hypver-V not playing nice.  Is there anything else that could be causing this lockup? I just don't honestly know where to look next, so any help is appreciated!

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First thing I would suggest is to check you are on the latest service pack (SP3 aka 10.0.3) of SSR (check in Help/About for version details).

If going to SP3 does not help, this will require a support case with either us (Symantec) and/or Microsoft. A memory dump will need to be captured and then analyzed to see what is causing the crash.

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Server just crashed again on Chistmas day... SP3 has already been installed(shows as  Memory dumps are enabled, however, it doesn't appear to be making them...which is a bit of a problem since there will be nothing to analyze!

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I will request you to provide your callback details on case.