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Skipping EFS Encrypted Files in SSR 2013

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I've recently created an EFS encrypted file, and now my F&F backups are failing completely.  I found this old thread:

It's fine if SSR can't backup these files, but it is astonishing if it cannot simply skip them.  Instead, the entire F&F feature becomes useless.  This critical issue has been around for years.  I'm truly hoping that there is a solution in the latest version.  It's so simple, just skip these files!  Or give an option to skip them.  Fingers crossed, I do not want to be forced to switch to another product.

I do not see any options in the backup job to specify files or file extensions to ignore.  I do not see an option to continue on error.  Either of those would resolve this.


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Have you checked the article : ?

A workaround for running volume level backup is provided. Have you tried it ?

Any specific reason for running F&F backup ?

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Running image backups is not really a good workaround, just means don't use F&F.  There are many good reasons for running F&F, especially for continuous backups, including:  It's much faster, it takes up a lot less disk space, it is easier to search for and restore file versions, etc.  

I use disk images in conjuction with F&F, as best practices.  Disk images daily, F&F multiple times per hour.

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I would need to test this to confirm but I don't think this have been fixed in the latest version.

The Filer & Folder feature is not the primary function of SSR and is not an area of the product that is being enhanced going forward (not my decision so please don't shoot the messenger).

I am not sure I agree with file/folder backups being faster than incremental volume-level backups. In my opinion, I would almost always recommend volume-level backups over file/folder based backups.

I do agree with you that this is something that should be addressed. However, just adding my comments which may help in some way..