Speed Up Recovery Time

When creating a backup of our system(s), at most it will take 30 minutes.  When restoring that data to a new drive (from a network location), it can take almost 48 hours (depending on the size of the backup).  Are there some configuration changes that I can make that will speed up the restoration time? Our largest drive is 500GB, but only 80GB of it is being used; all of the other drives are smaller with even less of the drive being used.  Even for our laptop with a 120GB SSD, it takes at least 14 hours to complete the recovery process.

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You may want to check the

You may want to check the duplex settings of the network card inside the recovery environment before starting the restore.

What speed is the network card? If the settings are set to auto, maybe try 100MB or 1GB (i.e. whatever is relevant to your environment).


The network card is a 1GB

The network card is a 1GB card, but our network is limited to 100MB.  They're all set to Auto, but I'll try setting it to 100MB and give that a try.