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Strange Email Notification Messages

Hello all,

After a recent install of Veritas SR 16, my email notification messages are nothing short of cryptic. Example below:

Description: Result (0x6c8f043d 39 VPRO_INFO_COUNT_EXCEEDED_BACKUP_DELETED Args [1] Arg (0xbab000d 54 \\nas\backup\Server1\SERVER01_D_Drive128_i003.iv2i)Smiley Wink<9 1.0-*-*-* >

Anyone have any ideas what this means and how I can get the software to send a readable message?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Strange Email Notification Messages

You could try this:

If that does not help, please reply and provide the following log file:

C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\LOGS\Veritas System Recovery.log.txt

Re: Strange Email Notification Messages