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I am trying to install symantec System recovery Management solution 32bit & 64bit both,but fail to install.

Everytime give some error.SYM System recovery Managment Solutions not supports 64bit OS.When i tried to install on server 2003 R2 32bit,in between the installation it requires some information just like User Name and Password of Domain bt if you have DC on that system, it shows error in starting that SYM system recovery managment solution not support the DC.If anyone have solution for this pls tell me...Its appreciated.



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You cannot install onto a

You cannot install onto a DC:

Everytime give some error.SYM System recovery Managment Solutions not supports 64bit OS

Which operating system are you trying to install to?



Hi chris,

Thanx for reply.I am trying on window server 2003 R2 32bit.I know that it can't install on DC,bt at the time of insatlling it requires the information user name and password of domain.At that time which user name and password i have to provide there whether there is no domain on that system.


You basically use whatever

You basically use whatever admin credentials you need to use. Just because you are not installing onto a domain controller, it does not mean that you cannot use the domain admin credentials for the install.


SSR 2011 supports

OK.Is SSR 2011 supports windows server 2003R2 Standard Edition.


Are you talking about SSR or

Are you talking about SSR or SSR-MS (the management solution).

SSR? Yes.

SSR-MS? Yes, but only on 32bit.

See the SCL for more info:


That was typing error..i was

That was typing error..i was talking about SSR MS.Okey thanx for replying..I will format the system and  install fresh OS windows server 2003 R2 standard and try on that system, installing from starting SSR MS.I hope this time i will get success.Thanx again....


No problem. Please mark

No problem. Please mark thread as solved if you consider this answered.


according to your guidance i

according to your guidance i had install SSR-MS but, it was showing error at the time of component installing.however it was install but when i run it was showing error...

Now i didnt understand where is the problem..

Pls see the attachment to see the error.....


The screenshot suggests that

The screenshot suggests that you are now installing BESR-MS 2010. Any reason for this?


Sym_System_Recovery_2011_10.0.0.40077 & DC


  I am trying to load Sym_System_Recovery_2011 on my one and only Server on my network which by Govt. requirements, has to be a Domain Controller.  The last computer that I added to my network took over 1.5 years to get cleared.  The only thing this Server is doing is connecting to a bunch of Classified Workstations and monitoring users.  The Server has Two 4 Core processors, so it has the power to do anything it needs to do.  I am now running Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition on each Workstations.  The Backup storage is on the Server (Domain Controller) - 11 Tera.  Having each workstation doing its own backup to the Server, causes all kinds of Licensing problems for the Workstation Engineering Software.  How do I get the Sym System Recovery 2011 to allow me to load it onto my Domain Server and get some "Structure" into my WorkStation Backups?

Trying to get the Govt. to change the requirements, to use "Common Sense" is a lost cause.




WillComp, How do I get the


How do I get the Sym System Recovery 2011 to allow me to load it onto my Domain Server and get some "Structure" into my WorkStation Backups?

Are you asking about the management solution? If yes, as stated above, you cannot install onto a DC.


Sym_System_Recovery_2011 & DC

Howdy Chris,


  I understand that the "Default" setup is not to allow the Backup Software to be loaded on a DC.  Normally the DC is heavily loaded, doing a DCs taskings.  That is not the case in my situation, my Server is sitting there most of the day doing nothing.  I was basically asking if there was a "Flag" I could set in my Registry, to allow the software to be loaded onto my DC.