Symantec System Recover Management Solution Plug-in Repair

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I'm hoping to find some help here as this has been an ongoing problem.  I am in the process of rolling out SSR to our site for testing then moving to other sites.  However, I've come accross an issue that I would think would be common and of concern...well more than just one.

The biggest one being that when a computer shuts down while it is in the process of backing up (users leave before the backup is finished), the SSR management console shows that the machine has a backup running.  this status will not change until the Plug-in is repaired.  But not only will it continuously show that a backup is running, it will also report that the system does not have the plug-in installed.  It is a bit of a drag to have to remote into a system to repair the plug-in.

also, if a backup is interrupted for any reason (i.e. computer shutting down, loss of network connectivity, etc...), it will not resume once proper connection to the storage device has been made. 

Has anyone else experienced these issues?  Know of a fix or a workaround?  Even if there's a way to repair the plug-in remotely without interrupting the user's work, I would be satisfied.

I currently have 26 systems backing up to a local NAS.

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Hm, you could run an

Hm, you could run an unatteded deinstallation/installation of the plugin using msiexec /qn /uninstall resp. msiexec /qb /i


Some questions: 1. What

Some questions:

1. What version (including service pack) of the management solution are you running?

2. What version of SSR (again, include service pack) are your client machines running?

3. If the machine is shut down during an active backup, SSR should prompt the user to cancel the job. Is this happening? If yes, is the backup actually cancelled or not?


Hi Chris,   1. Management

Hi Chris,


1. Management Solution is 2011 SP1

2. SSR 2011 SP1

3.  In some cases I have seen the pop-up, but there have also been other times where the pop-up never appeared.  regardless however, the backup is not cancelled.  Not cancelled in the sense that the backup policy will show that there's a backup running on that system.  this status will remain until the plug-in is repaired.  Once the plug-in is repaired, the system itself will immediately begin running another backup and reporting is then fixed.


Markus,   I actually did a



I actually did a remote uninstall of the plug-in and was not able to push the plug-in install back to the system from the management console.  The only way I was able to successfully push the plug-in again was to remove the agent and re-install the agent first.  At first it seemed like that would fix it, however this morning, SSR reported that it could not communicated with the agent as access was denied.  I tried to repair with no luck.  Final resolution was to uninstall everything and re-install.


OK, I think this needs

OK, I think this needs further investigation.

I would recommend opening a case with support.


I have in fact opened a case

I have in fact opened a case with support.  Thank you for taking time to read/respond to this post.