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Symantec System Recovery 2011 Management Solution


I’m going to install SSR 2011 Management Solution that include in “Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition” license that we have,

and I would like to ask a few questions before that.

  • It’s ok to install the SSR-MS on the same server with “Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager” (Server2003 R2 3.00GHz 4.00GB RAM)
  • Do I need to install agent on the client to configure schedule backup  
  • What’s the different between “Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution” to “SSR-MS” do I need both of them 


3 Replies

Yes, that should be

  1. Yes, that should be fine.
  2. Yes, please see admin guide for more details.
  3. BESR-MS is the 2010 version. SSR-MS is the 2011 version. They are essentially the same product, just different versions. Latest version is SSR-MS 2011 SP2.

Thank you Chris for your fast

Thank you Chris for your fast answer.

No problem. Please mark

No problem.

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