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Symantec System Recovery 2011 offsite usb disk cleanup


I customer has the following issue:


There is an internal disk (Lets call it DISK1) for the main backup with Symantec System Recovery 2011.

There are two offsite USB disks Lets call then OFFSITE1 and OFFSITE2, and they are rotated every week!

Backup is running fine.


There is a limit set on the destination DISK1 so when it uses too much space it automatically cleans the oldest backup set (these settings are set in the backup desitnation)

When OFFSITE1 is connected, SSR also deletes the files on that disk wich are deleted on DISK1 within cleanup job session.

But when the disc has been switched with OFFSITE2. It copies new backupset-files to that disc, but it doesn't delete the files that are deleted within the session.


So OFFSITE2 is not cleaned up as OFFSITE1


Does anybody know how to fix this? Or must I always manually delete the obselete files on the second disc after a cleanup of DISK1?

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I think this document may be

I think this document may be usefull for you in terms of your issue:

Using removable storage devices with Backup Exec System Recovery or Symantec System Recovery

many thanks I just need to

many thanks wink

I just need to convince the customer too realy totate the disk at the right time smiley