Symantec System Recovery 2013

I have installed SSR 2013 on my desktop computer and designated a folder on a WD MYBOOKLIVE external HDD, which is on my local network, as the backup location. I then backed up my system.  I created an SSR Recovery Disk and then attempted to verify it. No joy. I couldn't see the backup folder on the WD drive. The folder is two layers down. What is my problem? I used Ghost until I bought this new computer.  I loved it and desperately want SSR 2013 to work for me. I used the remote HDD because it is physically remote from my office.

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What is the File System of

What is the File System of the WD External Harddrive?

What is the Operating System of the Server on which the harddrive is connected?

Does the server play any application specific role (DC, Exchange, ETC)?

Do you have a Setup Page for the Harddrive from the vendor (Web Console)?