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Symantec System Recovery Blue Screen on partial install

Seeking Norton Ghost, I was directed by the Norton website to Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition. I downloded the 60 day trial and attempted to install it on my Vista Windows Home Premium 32 Bit Laptop. Part way through installation, the laptop blue-screened (which it has never done before).

I now have some files in a symantec program folder but no working system recovery desktop.

How do I uninstall this ?

Can I then reinstall and how ?

With many thanks for your help

3 Replies

Try the uninstall.bat -->


Have you been able to

Have you been able to uninstall SSR ?


With a major piece of work

With a major piece of work which had to be submitted by yesterday, I did not dare do anything to my laptop. now that the work has been submitted, I shall try the uninstall and report back. Many thanks