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Symantec backup exec bare metal recovery

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Hi All

I have my software firewall (Thread management Gateway) installed on Dell Vostro running windows server R2, now I am planning to move this firewall machine to new hardware DELL R610 and of course different hardware configuration. At the moment we are backing up our firewall machine using windows backup recovery tool which is not ideal in my case.

Problem with windows recovery back up it does not support different hardware bare metal recovery. I also have Symantec backup exec installed on our main server and i believe it has DLO agent

I ask symantec technical support and they recoemend me Symantec System Recovery to perform this task.


Do I really need to purhcase another software (Symantec System recovery) to try this?

What so different about Backup exec DLO agent and Symantec Symantec recovery ?





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As I understand it from the BE DLO team, DLO is not designed to protect the system state, boot fields, etc. DLO is a workstaion product only and is not a DR product. it is purely a file-based user data protection product.

One the other hand, Symantec System Recovery is a DR solution. The backups of the source are sector based. When the image is restored to the new hardware, the sectors are layed down verbatim. When the new hardware is booted up for the first time, the system boots to the same state it was when the image was taken. A Windows mini-setup launches and a hardware refresh occurs to allow for the new hardware.

That is a simple explanation, but hopefully it clarifies a bit. If you have further questions, please reply.