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Symantec system recovery 2011


 iam using symantec system recovery 2011. while configuring backup for new machines from symantec console, iam able to install symantec recovery agent via symantec console software to remote machines by authenticating the pc's local admin rights or domain admin account.

My questions are :

1. whenever iam defining new backup for new pc's on the LAN network " Backup my computer(recommended)" options only highlighted for remote pc.

   but both options ( backup my computer and backup selected files and folders ) are highlighted in local pc mode only (thatmeans symantec management console  pc)

All systems in my LAN network are connected to domain.

Pls let me know the issue is related to any security permission???





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File/Folder Backup is not supported in Remote Management


This is intended behavior. SSR does not support File/Folder backups in Remote Management (1:1 management) scenario.




One Question WHY NOT? Thats

One Question


Thats crazy and not what was advertised

You are still use recovery

You are still use recovery point browser to pull individual files and folders from backup images. Also, incrementals are also supported when setting up jobs through the console.