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System Recovery 16.01.56016: Is it possible to eject RD1000 cartridge when drive backup is done ?

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I'm new to system Recovery 16, used Backup Exec 12 before.

One of my backup devices is on-board of an attached 2008 server, it is an RD1000 DELL disk cartridge (1Tb) unit.
I can access this drive from another server, that one runs the System Recovery software. Creating backups on this device and other NAS devices is no problem, this works fine.

To improve security I (automatically) need to eject the cartridge to disconnect it physically from the network.

This was a simple flag in the Backup Exec software, but I can't find such an option in the System Recovery software. I can assign a command to execute when the backup is finished, but I do not know ( and find the  info) for the proper command to perform an eject.

Does anybody know oof it is possible at all, and when yes, how to do this ?

Thanks in advance for any help

Regards, Stefan 


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As you have already found, there is no option within System Recovery to do this I'm afraid.

Using a post backup command to eject is what you need to do here. You may need to speak to Dell to find the right command to achieve this though. The following may or may not help you: